About us

Puma Hardwood Flooring

Puma Hardwood Flooring is an owner operated business that has been working with hardwood floors since 2005, serving Westchester County and 5 Boroughs of New York.

We handle everything from helping clients decide on what type of wood flooring works best for them, to installation, Repairs, Sanding and Refinishing. There is nothing like the reward of a project completed beyond our customers expectations. We work on projects ranging  in size from one bedroom room to newly constructed buildings. Attention to detail and customer satisfaction is paramount. Our motto is “Do it once and do it right and every customer will be happy”.

Working successfully with Homeowners, Construction Companies, Architects, designers, property manager and many other types of clients. We respect that each and every one has their own vision on what they want. Our job is to provide top notch, hight-end workmanship in a timely manner and providing %100 customer satisfaction from the very concept of a project to its conclusion.

Puma Hardwood Flooring Wood Floor Installation, Repair, Sanding and Refinishing Westchester NY

Specialist In Wood Flooring Services.

We go to work every day knowing we are about to make someone’s life better today among other things like great customer service, we love what we do.

Wood Floor Installation in NYC and Westchester County

Wood Floor Installation.

Installing new hardwood floors is our specialty. Whether you are remodeling your home or building a brand new space.

Wood Floor Repair in NYC and Westchester County

Wood Floor Repair.

Repairing your hardwood floors with Puma Hardwood Flooring is very important to maintaining the beauty of your home.

Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing in NYC and Westchester County

Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing.

Don't replace your floors. Puma Hardwood Flooring can update your floors back to their beautiful, vibrant state.