Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing in Yonkers NY

Residential and Commercial Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing.

Wood floor sanding and Refinishing in Yonkers NY. Many actions that you perform daily, from moving furniture to dropping heavy objects, can cause scratches or gouging to your hardwood floors. If this sounds exactly like your home, or you just want to change the look or color of your hardwood floor, sanding and refinishing would be what you are looking for.

Rather than replacing a wood floor, you should consider just refinishing it, But what exactly is sanding and refinishing? Generally, sanding consist of sanding off the finish from your existing wood floor. Refinishing allows an old floor to look brand new as the floor is smoothed over and covered with a fresh finish. It eliminates scratches. It can also help fix minor unevenness. 

When you are considering  sanding and refinishing your hardwood floor, calling a professional is highly recommended. For the best hardwood floor refinishing in Yonkers NY, all Westchester County and New York City, Puma Hardwood Flooring is the right place to call. Wood floors can last a lifetime, but often they need a little help. With years of experience in flooring, we can bring life to your old worn out floor, making it look as good as new. View our projects on instagram and be our friend following us.


Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Process.

Natural Color:

Your floors are sanded down to the bare wood using a course, medium and fine sand paper. Floors are then buffed/screened, vacuumed and tacked and one coat of sealer is applied. When the sealer coat is dry, we then buff, vacuum, and tack in between each additional coats of urethane to unsure proper adhesion and smoothness.

Stained Color:

Your hardwood floor will be sanded down to the bare wood using a course, medium and fine sand paper. Floors are then buffed/screened, vacuumed and tacked and 1 coat of stain is applied. (Samples of stain will be applied to your floor so you may choose a color) when the stain is dry, 1 coat of sealer is applied. When the sealer coat is dry, we then buff, vacuum and tack in between each additional coat of urethane to insure proper adhesion and smoothness.


Matte Finish:

Has a very low luster/sheen level. Is perfect for those who prize the look of natural wood. Unlike shiny finishes leave a silky-smooth surface while capturing all the rich colors wood has to offer.

Satin Finish:

Has some sheen level, but is the least shiny. Does not show as many scuff marks or scratches. It is the most popular choice of finish for hardwood flooring today.

Semi-Gloss Finish:

Has a shiny finish. This is usually as shiny was most people would prefer to go when finishing the hardwood flooring in theirs homes. Semi-gloss polyurethane is clear, shiny and not really recommended for households with pets or small children. As stated above the shinier you go, the more noticeable scratches, dents, scuff marks and imperfections will be.

Gloss Finish:

Is the shiniest of the finishes, shows more scuff marks, scratches and imperfections on the hardwood floor.

Floor Care:

Routine cleaning involves sweeping, dust mopping or vacuuming using the bare floor setting to remove dust and dirt. Clean spills immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Don’t use wet mops or steam mops, which will damage the finish and the wood over long periods of time.

It is best to use a cleaner made specifically for the finish on the floor, Puma hardwood Flooring can provide or recommend to you when the job is completed. Over time, when your wood floors start to look a little dull, we can be renewed through recoating. This involves applying a new coat of wood floor finish.