Wood Floor Installation in Bronx NY.

Residential and Commercial Wood Floor Installation

Wood floor installation in Bronx NY, Manhattan NY, Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, Staten Island and Westchester County. Looking to have hardwood flooring installation done by a professional Bronx NY hardwood flooring contractor? We can help. Hardwood floors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but can dramatically raise the value of homes. One of the biggest reasons this type of flooring is so popular is their durability. This makes them an extremely valuable home investment. Hardwood floors which are properly installed and cared for can last a lifetime.

Unlike pre-finished flooring, site finished floors give you a seamless, flat, bevel free surface. They are much easier to clean (no dust in the bevels), can have maintenance coats applied if you choose a hard wax oil like Rubio Monocoat, and you have much more freedom for customization. You can sand and stain custom colors, install custom flooring designs like parquet flooring, or herringbone or chevron patterns, and add intricate inlays and borders. Plus you have a huge choice of finishes and sheen levels compared to pre-finished hardwood flooring. 

There are a lot of misconceptions about high-quality engineered wood floors vs solid hardwood flooring. 

Yes there is some very low quality engineered products out there. And there are hardwood flooring contractors or salesman at certain hardwood flooring companies or big box stores may try to push these on you. We strongly recommend agains using these cheap wood floors in your home. Many of these cheaper products have a very thin wear layer. If the wear layer is too thin, then they won’t be able to be re-sanded, leaving your hardwood floors practically useless once the wear layer is worn through. View our projects on INSTAGRAM and be our friend following us!

Selecting The Perfect Wood Floor To Installation.

Unfinished Solid Wood Flooring:

Gives you a great opportunity for customization. You select the species, stain and finish to customize the flooring to your space. This is the most popular and traditional floor that we all grew up with. Wood floor installation suitable for above grade only (1st and 2nd level in home) bedrooms, living room, dining room, hallway, foyers and kitchens are excellent for unfinished flooring.

Engineered Wood Flooring:

Consist of layers of wood pressed together with the top layer being the finished floor product. Many different species, colors and finishes are available. It is perfect for those areas of the house where solid wood flooring is not suitable. Installation suitable for above grade and below grade. Basements, bathrooms, utility room and kitchens are perfect rooms to install type of flooring.

Pre-finished Solid Flooring:

Not only enhances any room, but provides you with a factory finish warranty of up to 25 years. There is a wide variety of flooring in almost any species of wood. Wood floor installation suitable for above grade only (1st and 2nd leveling home) bedrooms, living room, dining room, hallways, foyers and kitchens are excellent for Pre-finished wood floors. It provides is a very clean and contemporary look. The benefit is no sanding or staining. We take it out of the box, install it and ready to go.

Floating Floors:

Can be installed almost anywhere. Floating floors are made of multiple layers of wood constructed with tongue and grooves along all four sides. They are not nailed or glued to the subfloor hence the name floating floor. When the furniture is in place the floor is held down. It has a softer feel under foot when you walk. Installation suitable for above grade and below grade. Basements, bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens are perfect rooms to install this type of flooring.

We would like the opportunity to transform your hardwood floors, so the next time you are in the market for a hight quality wood floor installation project, give Puma Hardwood Flooring a call for an estimate.